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Transaction Advisory

In mature markets, mergers and acquisitions are a crucial way by which companies can penetrate new markets or shift speed in existing ones. Likewise, disposals are key to disengage from non-core activities. However, disposals, mergers and acquisitions entail significant risks. The transaction phase is critical.

Finitude has gained substantial experience in valuing companies, especially in the financial sector, and in negotiating and structuring transactions. We are used to coordinating transactions and working alongside lawyers to identify and mitigate transaction risks well before they materialise.


Economic Advisory

The advent of the Internet has disrupted competition in many markets by facilitating the entry of new players and increasing transparency on prices and product offerings. While incumbents benefit from greater scale and established distribution platforms, challengers are technologically and operationally more agile.

Finitude's Economic Advisory team bring new insights to companies by helping them make sense of their most unique assets: data. Rather than using ad-hoc data mining techniques, Finitude relies on academically-proven, hypothesis-driven statistical and econometric models and a range of tools that facilitate their interpretation. 


Financial Litigation

Over the last 30 years, European securities markets have greatly improved in efficiency but also in complexity. Investors have not always fully appreciated the risks they have taken. Security issuers have sometimes failed in their duty to communicate information relevant to investors.

Finitude helps issuers, investors, or courts make academically-grounded economic assessments on issues ranging from the validity of financial claims to estimates of losses.

Finitude brings objectivity to complex cases in which subjective reasoning has been commonplace.